Are you an Ostrich? 

We’ve all heard the saying - ‘burying your head in the sand’ 

Are you guilty of knowing that things need doing, but put them off because you’re either not 100% sure how to do it or it’s something that doesn’t particularly interest you or hold your attention? 

Do you have a specific task that you dread doing? It sits on your to-do-list and gradually gets lower and lower down the list. Are your monthly expenses in a mess? Your receipts are all over the place and you’re not sure what’s coming in and what’s going out anymore. Your receipts are in a shoebox under the bed!! 

When you hit a snag or a difficult situation, do you go AWOL and hide away from the situation, making it harder to deal with and in the long run, create a bigger problem than it was originally? Do you ever wish you’d just done the dreaded task when you first got it?  

If you answered yes to any of these, don’t worry, you are not alone…