Branding Power:
How to create a
meaningful brand

7th October 2020 • 11am-12pm • via Zoom

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Are you a small business owner struggling to get your business noticed?

The truth is, you can spend countless hours and pounds searching for the right customer and still struggle!

In such a busy media landscape, recognition is the key to success, and businesses with a strong, recognisable brand are leaps and bounds ahead of their competitors.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that your brand is simply a nice logo and some striking colours: your brand permeates every part of your business and forms the intellectual, mnemonic and emotional connection that binds you to your customers.

As such an integral part of your business, your brand needs to be nurtured, and this unique masterclass, we will give you all the tools you need to do exactly that.

Taking you through the process of creating and/or building your brand step by step, our experts will help you lay the foundations of your very own marketing super-strategy, which will help your business to grow smoothly and powerfully, year after year.

Benefits of attending

You will gain a deeper understanding about building a solid and more meaningful brand that goes way beyond just creating a logo for your business.

Who should attend?

This event is perfect for start-ups and small business owners looking to grow their brand and become visible.

"The power of visibility can never be underestimated."
- Margaret Cho

The Visibility Hub
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Meet Karen

Karen is the Founder and Managing Director of Pink Lemon Branding & Design Ltd, a branding design studio based in the heart of Kent. Karen works with a team of talented Associates that love what they do as much as she does.

Designing is Karen's true passion and great design helps businesses to grow. 

After 20 years of gaining a wealth of experience working with many different dynamic brands, Karen founded Pink Lemon Branding and Design so that she could provide creative and purpose-driven design solutions with an added bit of zest. 

From strategic branding consultations and development, designing artwork, creating websites, Pink Lemon's creativity will sharpen the senses, bring a vibrant tang and leave a lasting impression in the minds of clients and prospects. 

Pink Lemon work in partnership with all their clients, taking the time to listen and understand their needs and aspirations.

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Karen Davies
The Visibility Hub

About The Visibility Hub

The Visibility Hub is a monthly meeting designed to help start-ups and small business owners move forward in their marketing and brand building efforts.

For just a small fee per meeting, business owners can get together with like-minded people and industry experts to share ideas, get advice on challenges and ask for guidance to help them take their business from ‘hardly noticed’, to ‘not to be missed’!

Each month will be themed around a specific topic and will feature Q&A session.

There is no need to commit to attending every month, just attend when you can.